The KinjaSites division is the creator and developer of unique content and sites whose information is delivered to the public and businesses via the Internet. Great information, method of delivery and search engine placement, gives us an advantage - we call it the Kinja Edge.

Within the KinjaSites division we deliver help deliver information or provide back-up resources for public speakers.

Below is a list of sites that are in various stages of development or used by our clients. Take a behind the scenes peek at KinjaMedia.

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Real Estate Series
SITE NAME: Real Estate Advisor
A place for people looking for help with the largest most expensive purchase - their home or investment property. Insider tips from someone who knows residential real estate inside and out. Information about appraisals, banks, mortgage brokers, borrowing money, real estate agents plus useful forms. This place offers in-depth information about real estate.
URL: realestate-advisor.com

SITE NAME: Rental Agreements
Need a rental agreement, we have them + agreements for moving in/out, inspections, deposits, check lists and insider tips for landlords.
URL: rentalagreements.com

SITE NAME: Real Estate Forms
Real Estate forms for buying, selling, creating an option to buy or keeping track of your investment properties. Including real estate appraisal forms, links to real estate sites in every state.
URL: realestateforms.info

SITE NAME: Real Estate Appraisal Forms
As the name implies, real estate appraisal forms, addenda, inspection lists plus everything an appraiser will need to start up a new office. We also have a link/list to every State appraisal agency.
URL: appraisal-form #1
URL: appraisal-form #2

SITE NAME: Real Estate Disclosure Forms
Real Estate Disclosure Forms are usually used in the transfer of residential real estate. Approximately 30 states require some form of disclosure between the buyer and seller about the properties condition. We have created a generic disclosure form or have the forms specific for several states. We also have a link/list to many state laws for additional information and guidance.
URL: Disclosure-Form
URL: Disclosure-form #2

SITE NAME: First Time Home Buyers
Information for the first time home buyers. Starting off with a great article that describes the why, what and what NOT to buy for the first time home buyer. This site includes free reports as well as links to hundreds of programs specially designed for the first time home buyer.
URL: first-time-home-buyer-information

SITE NAME: Relo Advisor
Planning on moving? This is the place to start. Whatever you need to know about the new town you are moving to, this site has it or knows where to get it. Need a list of real estate agents, the Relo Advisor tries to list every agent in the region. Want to see what the traffic is really like at 5:00, we have cameras all around the region to give you an inside look.
URL: reloadvisor.com

SITE NAME: American Home Appraisals
A residential appraisal company that uses the Internet as a source of business, information and client connection. High quality residential (home) appraisals in Washington.
URL: americanappraisals.com

SITE NAME: Real Estate Series
Real Estate Information and referral service for hot and fast expanding cities around this nation. The list will be ever growing and will be tied into KinjaMedia's other sites. (These are coming soon)
URL: lasvegasarearealestate.com
URL: losangelesarearealestate.com
URL: sacrementohomes.com
URL: saltlakearearealestate.com
URL: sanfranciscorealesate.com

Hosting and Information Series

SITE NAME: Our Office
Virtual office space. A place for your Internet domain or office to exist and the public to find you.
URL: ouroffice.net

SITE NAME: Scout America
We look all around America for interesting sites and sounds.
URL: scoutamerica.com

Rest and Relaxation Series

SITE NAME: Spa and Resort Advisor
What more should we say about this, except the research is long, arduous, hot, wet........... and we love every minute of it. People want to work for KinjaMedia just to work on this site and endure the research. We seek out the resorts, stay a while and report back to you - all on-line, including photos and tips. (Coming soon)
URL: spaadvisor.com

SITE NAME: Spa and Resort List
The name speaks for itself. Need a nice relaxing place to go and want to set up reservations on line? This is the site that makes your life easier. We are creating a list every know Resort and Spa, listing their features and providing a method of contacting them and setting up a reservation. One stop shopping for people in need of pampering. (Coming soon)
URL: spaandresortlist.com
URL: spalist.com

Media and Promotion Series

SITE NAME: KinjaMedia
The starting portal for Kinja LLC. From here businesses can reach any of the islands of Kinja.
URL: kinjamedia.com

SITE NAME: U-8 Unlimited Hydroplane
Take a ride in the world of FAST boats. Unlimited hydroplanes are boats that race side by side at speeds of 225 mph using advanced technology and space age materials. Races attract upwards of 300,000 spectators. This site provides a visitor an inside look at this world and the opportunity to advertise your company name on the side of a big boat.
URL: u-8hydro.com
URL: unlimitedhydroplane.com

Alternate Sites

SITE NAME: Real Estate Forms
Sites for directing traffic to our other sites, based on real estate. Real Estate Forms, Rental forms, lease agreements, first time home buyers information and much more.
URL: Real Estate Forms

SITE NAME: List of Real Estate Sites
Sites for directing traffic to our other sites, based on real estate. Real Estate Forms, Rental forms, lease agreements, first time home buyers information and much more. This site is at Tripod.
URL: Real Estate Sites

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